Bardho Group sh.p.k. firm trades with more competitive prices, wholesale accessory and material, for manufacturers of gutters that have no machinery for the manufacture of accessories.

Bardho Group sh.p.k. is one of the biggest companies in Albania for the gutters production.
It originated as a private company formed in 2005 with the only purpose to be as close to the customer requests for a high quality and a low cost .
Competitive advantage of our company is the low cost production and the high efficiency in the manufacturing process.
Bardho Group L.t.d is focused on only one market segment, we manufacture gutters which have some special features: long life, dispense with the furnace, simple fitting etc.
Basic rules that supports our company are: to satisfy all customer demands while maintaining the quality of materials, without stopping work process of our customers, to have a clear communication and continuous with the client, to give assistance until the end of the work, reaching our main goal " Client always happy ".

Some of our manufactures are: different gutters, gutter down pipe, downspouts, safety drainage of flat roofs, hopper gutter, plug-in outlets, barge gutter, fascia cover, ribbed gutter, angle flashing, under flashing, tile flashing, three break ridge, hangers, fascia bracket, end cops, polyurethane adhesive, y-pipe, elbows, round gutter, copper gutter, aluminum gutter, pre-painted steel gutter, zinc gutter, red gutter, green gutter, copper penny, white gutter, grey gutter, dark brown gutter, royal brown gutter, rose wood gutter, miters gutter, lead for isolations, radiographic room, folding stairs, roof windows, overall sheet, chimney cowls, range hood inox, chimney venting pipe, pre-painted coils of sheet metal, copper sheet metal, aluminum sheet metal, studs, decorative eaves, copper rivets, scissors of metal sheet, perforated metal sheet.
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Adresa: Magazina Nr.1 Mbikalimi i Kamzes (vile e verdhe 3 kateshe) TIRANE
Telefon: +355 67 20 44 140 / +355 67 20 44 142